Integration to the Pack

Pack Dynamics:

Day two with Ivan. I like to study my dogs, for that is the only way you really get to understand them. They have many different traits and interactions with us and each other. It is really pretty fascinating watching them interact. Nikki is not happy but tolerant of the new pup. Cooper loves the new pup and stood between him and Nikki when things got a little heated.

Sammie our 12-year-old doesn’t care much for Nikki or Cooper but seems to like Ivan just fine. I guess they are like us in a lot of ways. Some people you like and others you don’t.Ivan is 3/4 Seppala Siberian. He shows that in his houndish body and big ears. Both traits of the line. Also, there is an attachment to humans more so than my regular Sibes. I can’t go anywhere without Ivan following me, or squealing for me.But more to the point is what is in his DNA. Ivan is the product of two proven lead dogs. Dogs that pull sleds and guide the way.

I saw a glimpse of what he has on our first walk. During the first half, I had to pull him along for his first time on a leash. I was wondering what was going on as I’m used to my trained dogs trying to yank me down the road. During the return trip, he decided to pull the leash tight and keep up with the big dogs. In fact, that wasn’t good enough and he wanted to be in front of them. He pulled, and lead them. That’s pretty amazing for an 11-week old puppy who just changed homes. It’s in his DNA, he just needed to be given the opportunity for that to come out.

And for him to find out who and what he is. I was pretty impressed by that first walk and today his second walk was the same. So, will he become a great sled dog? Time will tell but he’s already showing signs that he will. He just needs to gain his confidence and learn from the other dogs. He’s been on this earth for less than 3 months. I’ll give him what he needs to become what he was destined and bred for. I so enjoy watching him awaken to his inner self. This is what it’s all about if you are into breeding dogs. You help them become all that they can be. He’s a smart one and already has defeated the baby gates in my house. He’s going to be a handful because he’s so smart. A challenge I’ll enjoy as he grows up.

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