Ivan the terrible

His name was chosen for his Siberian background. Be careful what you name a dog as it can come true. He is a handful and then some. The progeny of two lead racing dogs, he has it in his genes to be hard-headed and incorrigible. These are great traits for a sled dog. Not so much for also being a house dog. Ivan is a force of nature. At 4 months he is everything you want, at home not so much. He needs to work to control his energy and zest for life. That’s my job and it’s not an easy one. He will mature, but until then all hell is brought down from the husky Gods to see if you are worthy.

He is now 4 months old. 37 lbs. and 20″ tall at the withers. He pulls like a tank, and has no end to energy. 3/4 Seppala Siberian lines. His attitude is that of the original Togo. He is a total pain in the ass, but that will transform to sled dog greatness in time.

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