Thoughts about 2020

Thoughts on the past year:

I look back on the past year, and man, was it a bitch! The world has changed so much in such a short time. Some folks can’t deal with it or have a challenging time, which is understandable. You take everything that you usually take for granted and throw it out the window. With that change comes some positives and, of course, the negatives…like dying.

The risk of death is always behind you, breathing down your neck with that cold breath. We try and stay a few steps ahead of it, but we all know it will win in the end. When I get those negative thoughts, I do the one thing that always works for me. I seek out advice from those that have been around for thousands of years.

I’ve immersed myself the last six years into the mind of those magnificent dogs known as huskies. Everyone knows they are incredible athletes that do amazing things. But I took a different route. I wanted and still do, want to know what makes them tick. I’ve done so much research and real-world experience to try and learn what goes on behind those eyes they have. The look they have is not from this world. It’s the look of ancient knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

If you don’t believe in reincarnation, then you need to spend some time with these dogs. Not as dogs but as sentient beings that have been through far worse for over 10 thousand years. Somehow, they know what matters, and it doesn’t include a Mercedes in your driveway.

It’s the appreciation for each day you get to wake up and see the sunshine, or rain, or snow. It doesn’t matter to them. They are happy to have one more day. I struggled to bring home a new puppy. Mainly because he might outlive me at my age, but then it doesn’t matter because I know he will survive if I pass and do what huskies do. They endure, and they take what life gives them and make the best of it.

They don’t complain, they keep positive attitudes and keep on driving down the trail of their lives until it runs out, and they are called back to wherever that place is the huskies go. And then, in time, they return to this earth in physical form as puppies and do it all over again. The crime is not to listen to what they try to tell us about life.

They might outlive me, but I’m not worried about them. They were surviving and flourishing long before I got here. I’m going to enjoy every moment I have left with them. Maybe I’ll be wiser for it if I get to come back as they do. If not, I’ve enjoyed trying to understand them and am amazed by them every single day. The silent lessons they have to teach are well worth the trouble that comes with them. You have to work hard to be part of their pack. No slackers allowed. Time is too short for all of us. Take it from the dogs of winter, they know.

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