178 Days Old

Ivan is almost 6 months old. He’s slowly transforming into his adulthood. You can see it in his body and I can tell his mind is getting better. He’s a real pain in the ass at times, but then what kids aren’t? Long of limb, strong of body, if not a bit weak in the brain department so far. He is becoming what he was meant to be. I think he will eventually be a good ambassador of his breed.
All dogs have some funny traits and I’ll tell you what his is. He is all about recycling. During a walk he looks for something to pick up and carry in his mouth. It might be a stick, or a discarded water bottle. Even a beer or pop can gives him joy. He will carry whatever it is all the way back home. We’ve since discovered this trait comes from his dad. Who never did this until recently. What does it mean? I have no idea but I know he is pretty proud of himself when he brings these treasures back home.

SnoMotion’s Ivan Grozny of Northlane

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