From Maine with love

Front in center is “Yara” from our “Y” litter of Seppala outcrosses. She is one of Ivan’s 3 sisters. Already a huge pup at six months. She is surrounded by 9 other of her tribe in Maine. 9 more didn’t fit in the picture.

Over the years the Sepps have lost size. I personally want to change that and also love big dogs. That may come from my years of breeding GSD’s. Erect ears, strong bodies, and strong attitudes mixed with intelligence is important to me.

For a sled dog, there is a fine line between size and speed. It depends on what you want them to do. Size is power but also can mean short endurance. Size can mean long ground eating strides, and tall enough to overcome deep snow. It can also mean a sprinter vs. a long distance runner. What is the perfect balance? That depends on what you need. That is what breeding dogs for a specific function came from.

I’m so tired of hearing the call to adopt not buy from a breeder. If you want a generic dog fine, adopt one and good luck. Why? because you have no idea what you are getting. You might get a dog that is fine, or you might get the devil. I know because I’ve adopted special needs children and raised them. Dogs are no different. They are the product of their genetic background and how they were raised. That affects them for the rest of their lives. Choose wisely.

Not all breeders are evil puppy mills. We are trying to save a historic line of dogs. The Seppala Siberians. The same line that delivered the life saving serum to Nome in 1925. That is our calling. That is why we work so hard with these dogs. They are not for everyone, but they won’t become assimilated into generic dogs if I can help it. They deserve better than that.

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