How do you teach a husky to Run?

The answer is simple…You don’t. These dogs pull and run because it’s been instilled in them by selective breeding over thousands of years. The animal rights activist claim that races like the Iditarod are done by evil humans that “Force them to Run” for a thousand miles. Watch this training run of mine and tell me how I managed to “Force” these two dogs to pull me, and a bike with a combined weight of over 200 lbs. at speeds up to 20 mph.

Nobody can force a dog to do this. If they don’t want to do it they simply stop and refuse to go any further. I’m their guide and dead weight. They do it for love and adventure. These dogs love to explore and see what’s around the next corner. Even if they’ve seen it a hundred times before. They want to be on the move. They don’t mind the minor inconvenience of pulling some weight to get there. I live with them 24/7. I eat with them, I play with them, and we run together. It’s called a team, or family, and to the dogs, it is their pack. And this is what the pack does. It runs and has many great adventures.

Ivan’s run number 11. He’s getting better and better. Not to mention faster, but he is that as well. Distance 1.5 Miles, Top speed 19.7mph, Pace 7 min./mi. Average speed 8.5mph.

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