Ivan’s Run #9

Ivan just turned 8 months old. 57lbs. 24″ tall at the withers. He’s all legs and a product of us trying to breed taller (Faster) dogs. Over the years as the breeding pool of Seppala’s has become stagnate and the COI increased. The Sepps have become smaller in size, and some reduction to performance as well. Long legs, hound-ish bodies, and efficient movement are all qualities sought after. There are lots of things that make a better sled dog. Being a good eater is another of them. I have a couple of standard Sibes that are finicky eaters. That doesn’t work when racing, they need to intake huge amounts of calories in order to perform, and then sleep when it’s time.

This is the 9th run solo for Ivan. I’m now running him solo as he is too fast for my other dogs. He still has a ways to go. He looks around, gets distracted, and does novice things that I expect and accept. I’ve increased his runs to 2.5 miles. This video is not about speed but about seeing how fast he can trot while pulling without breaking into a lope. The verdict is about 7-8 Mph. while pulling 250lbs on wheels. That is an exceptional speed for his age. I only run him every couple of days. He gets a walk every morning on foot but he only runs when I think he’s rested. It’s sort of like weight lifting for me. You work out hard one day, and take a couple of days off for your muscles to recover and grow. This is the story of Ivan, in the early days. What he becomes as an adult is due to his genetics and what I give him in training. I can only hope that I do it right. It’s no different than helping choose a school for your own child. It means that much to me to help him become all that he can be. Any parent will understand where I’m coming from. He’s part of my family, not a dog tied out on a stake. He eats, sleeps, and runs with me. RIght or wrong I’ll do my best for him.

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