So, You think you want a Husky? Part – II:

“Tonight’s run in the rain. Cooper and Ivan pulling a combined deadweight of me and the bike 250lbs. Top speed, 20.7 Mph. The average speed of 9.0 Mph. Baby they were born to run.”

If a Siberian Husky has a major fault it is being so beautiful! This is a huge detriment to the breed. Not because it’s false, but because it causes them to be purchased by those unaware of what they require to lead happy lives.

If you purchase a dog because of its beauty you are not only fooling yourself but doing damage to that magnificent creature. A true working husky requires a lot of work. There are no days off from this responsibility. They need to run and exercise regardless of rain, heat, freezing cold, or anything else nature can throw at them.

They are built to survive, and with DNA built over thousands of years, that says…run! Seek adventure, see what’s around the next corner…with a zest that says live like this is your last day on earth. Yesterday doesn’t matter to a husky, today does. Every day they wake up with a fresh start. Free of worry and wanting to find that next adventure. It may be as simple as chasing a squirrel or smelling a strange animal on the trail.

Everything new is exciting! The wanderlust in this breed is partly why they don’t mind running a thousand miles. New trails, new smells, new adventures await in front. What’s behind is soon forgotten. The journey is more than the destination for these dogs. It’s what they live for, what they were bred for, and what they require every day. Not just when you have time.

Would you buy a new car based on looks only? I would think you would want to know what’s under the hood. Maintenance requirements and cost etc. A dog should be no different. Do you want a Corvette or a Vega? Each comes with its own peculiar requirements. A fluff bunny or a working dog. A high-maintenance animal or a couch potato? Choose wisely, because it’s not only you but the dog that will suffer your mistakes.

Don’t ask if a husky is good enough for you. Ask yourself if you are good enough for a husky. It’s a huge life-changing comitment.

The Big Boys Team

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