For the Love of a Dog


Whenever I get a thought or two… I sit down and write. I hope that you find something you can learn or apply to your own husky.

Today’s post is about staying engaged. You see staying engaged with your husky is one of the hardest things to maintain. The longer you are together the easier it is to get lazy and begin to slack in your side of the partnership.

Hey it’s easy to do…life happens for us, and sometimes we get tired, or stressed, or any number of things that can take us away from the time we dedicated to our huskies. We do it to our own spouse and children, and we do it to our dogs as well. In fact, dogs are the first ones to be cast aside when life happens for humans.

Huskies, like all dogs live short lives compared to us. They have high energy requirements that need to be met regardless of how tired we are. I’ve walked my dogs in the freezing rain, and when my back hurt, and a lot of other times when I didn’t want to. Luckily my wife helps out, and that makes it easier for both of us when you have multiple huskies.

I tell myself I signed up for this, and I’m not going to let my partners (3 Huskies) down. Sometimes that is very hard to do, because I hurt or the weather sucks or whatever. The husky doesn’t understand any of those things in our world. They give us everything they have, and want the same commitment in return.

That’s why I always call it a partnership.

I don’t think anyone actually owns a husky, except maybe in legal terms. You are partners, and both of you have to do the best you can even when times get tough.

Working together to get through a tough time can strengthen the bond between you. It’s how you learn to understand this amazing dog. You do it by being engaged, and look at them with an open mind. You take mental notes of how they act for every situation.

So, I get out in the rain, and the snow, and the freezing cold when I have to. I spend the money for vet care, I think of my dogs first before me. For without me, they cannot even open a can of food.

They are my partners in life, and they won’t be here forever. I want to be the best partner I can while they are with me. I want to know everything I can about them. The Siberian people are a fascinating race that deserves to be understood the best ways we know how.

I want to make up for all the bad owners in the world, the abusers, the losers that give us a bad name to dogs. I wouldn’t anymore leave my dogs in a flood than I would my kids (See Texas.)

Stay engaged, enjoy the good and bad days…your husky partner will help you in their own way.

I don’t think there is any other dog on earth quite like a husky. Huskies are truly special in so many ways, you just have to experience it. If you don’t… that potential in your partner will never come to the surface.

You will have missed an opportunity to truly understand that they are so much more than, “Just a Dog.”


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