The Impulse Buy


I ran across this meme the other day when I was looking for husky pictures, and it reminded me of why I went to the trouble to write a book. This is exactly the reason for it. So many people buy or obtain a husky and then expect it to act like a plain old lap dog.

I tried to attack the problem of so many displaced huskies at the source. My mistake was thinking that most people would do some research before they get one. When I want to get something that I have no experience with, like a car or scuba gear or whatever, I research it first.

I looked for a book on huskies that wasn’t a detailed, never ending encyclopedia of information, I didn’t understand. I wanted the basics…good and bad. Not a book covering up the challenges of owning a husky. I tried to write such a book, its small… but I told the truth from my own lessons I learned.

Alas, most people don’t research. They impulse buy based on beauty or cuteness. I suppose they also buy a freshly painted car that looks fantastic, but won’t run 5 out of 7 days a week.

This meme I posted makes me sad, and makes me think about how much an owners anger can turn into abuse of a husky. Just because they don’t have a clue about what a husky really is. That’s why I always try hard to help someone especially a new owner.

You should do the same. We may not have all the answers, but we have the experience. I’m pretty sure If I don’t know the answer I’ll be able to find someone who does.

That’s the reason behind FaceBook groups. If we can help each other, or even just one person and their husky… we are helping both of them.

Some can do rescue, most of us can’t. But maybe we can save some dogs by sharing our knowledge and stop somebody from giving up on their dog. We do that by helping them understand their husky. Understanding is most of the battle.

And by helping and supporting those who think the devil just moved into their nice peaceful home. It’s not the devil…it’s a Husky!


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