The Deal


Dogs were put on this earth to help man survive. Pure of spirit and free of the seven deadly sins they have served us in spite of our faults. We’ve beaten them into submission, forced our will upon them, and even eaten them when we were starving.

Mankind abandon’s them at will, let’s them go into the great unknown alone and without a friend. We accept their love when we need it, and then turn them loose to fend on their own. Why do we break the deal that was made between dog and man?

The deal was to take care of them, a little food, a little love. In return they give everything they have. They give their very lives to us, but still we turn our heads and look away when it suits our needs.

I guess in these days when we gun down innocent people, there isn’t much hope for our four-legged friends. If we can kill our fellow humans what chance does a mere dog have? They have served us well for thousands of years. Around the campfire at night, when bad things lurked in the dark, our four legged friends gave warning and comfort.

To abandon your dog because your girlfriend broke up with you. Or to drive them out to a lonely road and let them out to explore. They run and are happy at the new adventure you have given them, until you drive away and leave them to fend for themselves.

Dogs are no longer wild beast, they need us for food and love. They cannot survive in the wild like their ancestors did. Why? Because they gave up the old ways to be with us, they traded what they knew and put their hopes and lives in our hands.

If you’ve been given the gift of love from a dog do not take it lightly!

They have short lives… and to spend it with you is a blessing from God. Do not break the faith they have put in you.

I put my dogs first, above my own needs because that is the least I can do for them. I owe them that much and so do you.

That’s the deal…don’t break it.


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