Make a Difference


The world lately seems to be hell bent on destruction. Pull down the statues, kill anyone who doesn’t happened to agree with you, destroy everything because it offends you.

You lost it people…you lost the hope and the love.

You lost the connections to love of life. You lost how fleeting life is, and how quickly it can end.

You lost the ability to contribute, instead you want to destroy, because you have nothing else to give but hate for your own life, and that of others.

Try getting a dog…any dog. Someone, or something that depends totally on you for their survival. They are full of hope that you will come to your senses and provide for them. They have hope and trust in you even if you do not.

They have nothing else but you… You who holds the power of life and death over them.

What kind of leader are you going to be? In a dog’s eyes we are Gods.

Are you going to be a benevolent God or one full of evil?

Choose wisely.


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