A lesson from my Journey:

Mr. Cooper Lee

Keep this in mind as you decide to bring a Husky or any dog for that matter, into your family. They rely on you for everything. It is your job to do the best you can to provide for them just like you would your own children and family.

To do less than your best, is not acceptable to a Husky. They always give you their best. Here is an example from my own experience.

When Cooper was about 4.5 months old I was walking him on a hot humid Virginia afternoon. I think it was about 80 degrees with 90% humidity. I was bopping along with no water for us, and he seemed fine. He still had his puppy fluff which is meant for winter.

The adult Husky coat also protects them from heat and he didn’t have it yet. So he was even warmer than he should have been.

I didn’t know all these things at that point and we walked a two mile-loop. He never backed up, pulled up or acted like he was distressed. But all of a sudden he went into a ditch and just lay down, panting heavily.

Cooper lay on his side and wouldn’t move. I realized he was suffering from the heat and I was a mile from home with no car. I didn’t know what to do, so I picked him up.; all 40 pounds of Husky and carried him in my arms as far as I could. I quickly learned how hot and miserable it was outside!

I didn’t get that far when I just couldn’t do it any longer. I sat down in the ditch with him and he laid there with his head on my lap as I tried to comfort him. We were both spent. I was beside myself that I’d probably killed my dog from heat stroke. I felt helpless and stupid at the same time. Never again would I do that.

In a little while he got better, because Huskies are tough as hell. He got up at last and we made it back home under our own power. We both had given our all, and he didn’t hold my stupidity against me.

I learned my lesson at his expense, but that was the day I learned a little about this amazing dog called a Husky. They give everything without complaint to their partner, even to the point of death.

I also learned that day about watching out for my dog with more than just a casual eye. I learned he would do anything for me. I learned I loved him more than I thought possible.

It was just one event in our journey together that made me a better human being. I will be forever grateful and thankful he is sharing his short (by human standards) life with me.

Huskies never quit, and that makes training them more difficult. They are hard-headed an that’s because they were made that way. Balto guided his team through a driving blizzard to deliver the serum so badly needed when the musher was lost, and couldn’t see a damn thing.

I’ve always made a point to teach Cooper the command, “Take us home!” in case something happens to me out on the trail.

The Husky will give you everything they have, but they expect no less in return.

Learn your own dogs strengths and weaknesses.



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