The Grind


So today I had to pay for my sins. Past, present, and future. The commute was horrible as always on Fridays. It was a particularly bad week at work with impossible deadlines to meet, and no current end in sight.

For the most part it’s probably not much different from most folks. We all have our battles to fight regardless of our lot in life. But there is salvation for me. And it comes in the form of a simple beautiful creature that can erase my painful day.

It seems that people are destined to struggle for some reason. We are not perfect, we have our faults, and according to my ex I have more than anybody. But that’s another story long past.

All of us do our best and I won’t fault anyone who tries. I do fault those of you who don’t try, those that give up and hope someone else will save you.

To do that is a cardinal sin in my book. You have to fight every day no matter how tired or sick you are. And that’s what I’ve found in these dogs called “Huskies.” They never quit, they will run and run, until they drop over dead. There is a lesson in this for all of us. If you take the time to think about it.

Everyday I’m happy to have survived the gauntlet of I-95. I’m sure that most of the idiots I do battle with received their driver’s licenses by sending in three box-tops from Fruit-Loops. Well at least that’s how they drive in my opinion. You see, you have drivers, and then you have the aimers. Some folks just aim and go. I give the Flying Dutchman’s plenty of space and hope for the best.

The point is this. There is more to life than politics, super bowls, and work.

My dogs don’t care about my day other than when I get home. They wait patiently for me to get home. They recognize the sound of my truck, and race up the yard to greet me after I park.

Sometimes I’m too tired and stressed out to take them on a run. They don’t cry and tell me I’m a bad dad. Instead they relax with me, happy to be close to someone who means so much to them.

When we do go for a run or a walk, they enjoy that as well. No expectations, no judgement, just a man and his best friends spending some time in the fresh air. We enjoy our time together. A man and his dogs. And even though I’m dead tired, I feel refreshed by their youth and exuberance.
When I awoke at 4AM my Huskies were sleeping on the bedroom floor as I stumbled by them careful not to step on my best friends. Nikki waits patiently until I’ve had my shower, and have gotten dressed for work before I let her out to do her business.

When it gets dark they come inside from their day of doing husky stuff without me. They get on my bed and spin many times around before laying down with me as close as possible.

Every day when I look at my dogs, I think about this:

Only 24 hours have passed in my life, but it was 7 days in their short life span. I try to remember that I have such a short time to enjoy their company and love. I don’t care how bad of a day I lived through, or if my car broke down, or anything else.

I go to work to provide the care they need. Just like I do for the rest of my family.

Johnny Cash said it in a song, “Because You’re Mine…I Walk the Line.”


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