The Siberian Husky: Nobility


Nobility is a social class, normally ranked immediately under royalty, that possesses more acknowledged privileges, and higher social status than most other classes in a society, and with membership thereof typically being hereditary.”

If you own a husky you will immediately know how much that definition above applies to them.

Like all dog’s huskies are social animals, they are also family orientated (The pack), and much like us humans they have varying degrees of status. Their status is two-fold as well. Again, like us they have family status, and for the working breeds they also have career status.

Every husky has hereditary status as well. DNA from those first dogs bred by Leonhard Seppala, and the same ones who saved the town of Nome during the outbreak of diphtheria so long ago.

What other breed of dog can claim such noble ancestors?

This breed was forged in the ice and snow. A trait that has not been forgotten by any husky. If a husky has never seen snow before…that first time they do you will be able to see it in how they act. The connection to cold and snow has never left them. They didn’t just survive, they flourished in conditions that would kill many other breeds.

Through divine planning or just plain circumstance, this breed is one of the purest and oldest lines known. Their work ethic is legend, as well as their stubborn steadfast will’s. They were mentored by men of iron. Where both husky and man fought to survive the elements, and carve out a place the harsh frozen lands.

Some part of this past remains in every husky. If you live with them for a few years you will see it come out. You can nurture it, or try to suppress it, but it is there in them and I doubt it will ever go away completely.

In my own journey I’ve chosen to embrace what they are inside. To let them be what they were meant to be. More than just a dog…they are what one musher told me…Siberian People. A term I’ve borrowed and totally agree with.

They are a cut above most breeds. I don’t say that lightly or without knowledge of several breeds I have owned over the course of 50 years. There is something different about the Siberian people that makes them “Noble.”

They are not for everyone, because it takes a strong will to deal with the many traits they possess. They demand much time and effort on our part to be truly happy. To be even a little bit what they were bred to be.

That doesn’t mean they have to pull a sled. But it does mean that they have to work in some capacity. Intelligent beings need to have a purpose, they need to have challenges, and of course love. Love that will be returned 10-fold if you do your part.

I’ve observed the difference working my dogs has made in our relationship. It’s like night and day from when I just took them for a walk. Now they run, and they pull a cart not a sled, but the effect is the same. It made them even more attached to me in many ways.

We are a partnership and a family at the same time. We each do our part and the rewards are many for both.

Truly noble, and they also have some noble faults. Like some arrogance, high demands, and stubbornness about them. These same faults infect humans as well. It’s how you… as the mentor turn those faults into something positive. For those same traits can be a blessing not a curse when properly directed and controlled.

That is why you need to learn how to train them, or have it done for you. To do less is not acceptable to them, and they will make you pay dearly for not keeping up your end of this partnership you’ve joined into.

The Siberian People: Nobility in fur coats.

I’ll leave you with this poem I’ve written.

Masters of the Trail:

For thousands of years, we lived up north,
in the lands of Ice and snow.
Living in the freezing cold,
where other’s fear to go.

We share a common bond with man,
that bond will never die.
It was forged upon this frozen land,
when we struggled to survive.

I’ll lead you through the darkest night,
and across the harshest lands.
We know you’ll keep us safe at night,
and feed us when you can.

Our hearts are true and given to,
those that understand.
The perfect bond between,
the husky and the Man.

Our bones are scattered along the trail,
as we blazed a path for you.
We lived, we died, we gave our all,
for that’s what Huskies do.

The storm is fierce, in dark of night,
the winds a blowing gale.
We will lead you home again,
the Masters of the trail.

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