Exercise…Nectar of the Gods


If you pick up any publications about huskies you will find “Exercise” many times over. It seems even on-line that no matter what problem or behavior you are trying to solve, “Exercise” will be the answer given.

Now I agree exercise is very important to the well-being of the husky, but it is not the answer to everything. The trick is understanding your husky well enough to know when exercise is the root cause of whatever is troubling you.

Take for instance this week of mine. I was so busy with work that I didn’t have time to do morning runs. Not such a big problem with an acre of fenced in ground for them to run on. Even so, after 5 days I can see the signs that they needed a run.

They acted like they didn’t want to run but I knew better. Cooper knew something was up and kept avoiding me when I wanted to catch him. He seems to have some kind of 6th sense and can read my mind even when I try to hide it.

There was no destruction of material items, but I could tell they both were getting edgy. Nikki going after him over an old bone that really wouldn’t have bothered her if she was tired. I would describe both of their attitudes to be like some people when they are tired and/or stressed out….” Snappy.”

When I finally snatched Cooper and led him to the garage to get ready. He pulled back and wanted to lay down. With a little coaxing he went in the garage and I harnessed him.

Once the harness was on his attitude changed completely. He started shaking his coat, running around at a prance and kept looking at me like, “Okay lets GO!”

He had to wait as I went and got Queen Nikki out of the yard. She also had been running away but this time she was waiting patiently at the gate. She was ready to go once she knew Cooper and I would go without her.

Having hooked them to the trike I spent a few minutes getting my gloves helmet etc. ready to go. Cooper was looking back at me and started to whine. The whine was not of sadness but of having to wait for me. He wanted to go and go now.

I guess for him it is like most people. The idea of getting ready to go to the gym is the worst part. Once there you are fine. Cooper is fine once he’s hooked up, and he actually enjoys his runs.

They ran 2.65 miles in 18 minutes. That’s 7.1 minutes per mile pace pulling 240 pounds. Pretty fast considering they had 5 days to get out of shape. The reason I know they got a good workout today is in the picture.

No more snapping at each other, and just lounging around the rest of the day.

So, exercise is a good thing… but it doesn’t fix everything. I have to change-up our routes because boredom also affects these dogs. Nothing is ever constant for huskies, they change daily.


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