The problem with Rescues:


Please keep in mind that we need rescue organizations. I’m singling out the many bad ones who exist in the USA today. This is based on my own experience with them. I in no way want to stop the rescue effort…just fix it because the dogs deserve better.”

So once again I’ve been turned down by a rescue. This time it’s because Nikki is not fixed yet. Now I don’t see why that matters as I said I would take either sex and altered. What possible thing could her not being fixed have to do with adopting out a dog to me? All of my Huskies are fixed but her, and I have not yet decided whether to breed her. What does that have to do with me adopting an altered dog?

It’s my choice to breed her or not. It is not their choice to tell me what to do with my dogs, in order to have another one. As long as I can prove that I can support and care for them what difference does it make?

I could have saved three dogs by now, but instead I was forced to buy puppies because I’m apparently not good enough for a rescue husky. How do these places set up their requirements? I’d really like to sit down with one of these folks and hear their reasoning for each requirement.

So who is good enough? I’m telling you it was much easier to adopt my two son’s, than it is to get a dog. I have a problem with their “Contract” as well, but I was willing to put up with it. Most rescue contracts have a clause that for the “Life of the pet they are entitled to come pay visits and determine if the dog should be removed.”

I understand this if the dog is being mistreated or not cared for, but who makes the call? Based on the requirements to get a dog in the first place this seems like a losing proposition for a new owner. What is to stop a rescue org from taking your dog on a trumped-up charge, and then adopting it out for another fee?

Remember these organizations are a business. And by setting up these impossible requirements they are actually supporting breeders, and sometimes puppy mills. People will only put up with so much intrusive inquisitions. Think I’m wrong? Try adopting a Husky and see what you get.

Also keep in mind that many rescues are backyard enterprises set up to gain tax benefits. Along with this, is a stable full of what I call “Dog Hoarders.” These are the people who believe a dog is better off in a cage for years instead of taking a chance on anyone. I tried to save a husky that had been in rescue for 8 years! Eight fricking years! Half of his life spent in a 4×6 run being let out twice a day. That is torture for any dog, but especially for a husky.

Everyone loses, but most of all the dogs He/she has once again been bonded to a family and removed…this time by the very org that wants to save him. There are no standard rules, and each org makes up their own based on their sometimes insane beliefs.

I think some legislation on dog rescue orgs needs to be installed. A set of rules needs to be set by law and enforced. The lack of law makes it harder to save dogs. People who cannot meet these absurd requirements will buy puppies…just like I was forced to do.

If you know me at all you’d understand how crazy it is to say I’m not qualified. I can afford their medical care, know the breed, and have a great property for them to run. They don’t lack for anything including exercise and love. But I’m not good enough because my house has stairs, a swimming pool, and elderly mother-in-law, and 3 cats.

If I’m not good enough who is? This does nothing to help the dogs, it only keeps them locked up for most of their lives. This is bull shit and even though some organizations are real, many are not. The dogs deserve a chance at a real life. Some will not get the best home but many who could give it are denied due to fanaticism and people making rules who have no clue.

I filled out the forms, let them have access to all my vet records etc. Still not good enough and even though I don’t think I’m perfect…what else can I do? If they really care about re-homing these huskies, they need to lighten up a bit.

For  a little more insight check out this article from someone on the other side.


3 Comments on “The problem with Rescues:

  1. agree, some rescues are just too militant. I have been happy with several husky mixes I got from wonderful rescues. I have also been turned down (cried for two days). my husky/mal mix Luna I got almost 2 years ago from the shelter. less known about the dog at a shelter, but much less arrogance and self-righteousness you find in some rescues.

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  2. I think the only way we ended up with Molly malamute/husky mix was that she was in terrible shape from abuse, had been through multiple foster homes (behavior problems), and the rescue people knew she had to be carefully place – and often came back to them. We were sort of her last chance. (and she seemed to be picking us)
    Some of the rescue groups are quite snooty and problematic – they do make money on adoptions. Some are hoarders – people here turn them in and the dogs are rescued and taken away to other public county/city shelters who have vets on staff, suitable accommodations, and food – at least they have a chance there – more and more public places are now no-kill shelters.
    With hurricane Harvey leaving so many dogs were homeless, I think it was easier for a while to get adopt a dogs from the storm rescues (a couple of gorgeous huskies available – if we’d only had a big field – they do need to run or you’ll pay for it)
    But once the big rescues grab their breed’s dogs, it’s difficult to pry them loose.
    It’s not you, it’s them. tragic for the animals


  3. great post I so agree

    On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 4:33 PM, Life with Siberian Huskies wrote:

    > jmt521 posted: ” So once again I’ve been turned down by a rescue. This > time it’s because Nikki is not fixed yet. Now I don’t see why that matters > as I said I would take either sex and altered. What possible thing could > her not being fixed have to do with adopting out a ” >


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