Multiple Dogs

Cooper with his new puppy “Nikki.”

When I ran across this photo in my memories it reminded me of how far my dogs and I have come. There have been many adventures and things I’ve had to learn the hard way. The Siberian People have much to teach and sometimes hind sight is better.

I look back now and realize that I should have gotten 2 pups at the same time instead of one. I went through raising each dog one year at a time, and I could have done it all at once.

Siberians…at least from my perspective don’t like to be alone. They have high demands for adventure and exercise. My first thoughts as a new owner was one dog is enough! What I didn’t know was that two dogs help keep each other occupied, and tend to wear each other out with play.

This makes the workload less, not more. True, you have double the vet bills, food, toys etc. But what is your own time worth? Instead of walking one dog at a time I can walk two, and they are not so lonely when I’m gone.

Huskies also seem to know that all dogs are not created equal. I’ve found that mine will choose another husky over any other animal to hang out with. If another husky is not available, they will take on just about any critter for companionship. But if given a choice they want one of their own people instead.

This is just another facet of the Siberians to think about.


One Comment on “Multiple Dogs

  1. TJ….it’s like raising kids. Each one is different and they need separate attention at different stages of their development. Cooper had your undivided attention for an entire year to become the stalwart fellow he is today. Miss Nikki, while being a strong personality, needed her year of
    acclimation and learning in her own way from you and from Cooper. Together they are a wonderful team. Also, they make a lot of entertainment for those of us who enjoy them through you. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.


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