Gaze Upon New life

Seppala puppies at 4.5 weeks old.


1234 weeks E litter4

You may call me crazy or worse, but I’ll tell you what I think about huskies. I believe they never really die. Oh, sure their bodies may pass, but the memories they have of previous lives does not. I can say this because I’ve seen puppies who have way more knowledge than they should have for being alive just a few weeks.

Thousands of hours spent with them only increases my view. They are not normal dogs in any sense of the word. They are old souls in new bodies ready to again tackle the world.

They are fearless, confident, and ready for any challenge because they have done it before in a previous life. The husky is indeed a remarkable beast.

The proof of this is in their eyes. If the eyes are the window to the soul, you’ll see none purer. You will see fields of snow, impossible storms, and the willpower it takes to survive the cruelest places on earth.

It’s all there if you look. It’s what they are, and there is no denying it. A husky will always be true to themselves. For to do less brings discredit on their race. These Siberian People.

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