Seppala Siberian Sleddogs & Poland Spring Kennels:

1928 Leonhard Seppala
E litter2
The Legacy Continues today….

Part of what makes these dogs so special is their history. They have a rich history that spans 93 years from the famous serum run that saved Nome. It’s actually longer but that is the date I’ve picked. That is the date that they made their mark on the world.

Soon after that remarkable feat, fame brought the dogs and Leonhard Seppala to the lower 48. When he retired from racing he left all his dogs with Elizabeth Ricker at Poland Spring Maine. The same name of our kennels, a great name sake that pays homage to these amazing dogs. From that point on the Siberian Husky was here to stay. You can now find Siberians almost everywhere in the world. But you cannot find Seppala’s unless you look very hard and have a bit of luck.

A small group of dedicated kennels and owners have over the years done their best to keep this original line alive and as pure as possible. A few folks have dedicated their whole lives to it. Many have sacrificed a lot to keep this line as pure as possible.

You might wonder why? What would drive someone to dedicate so much to some dogs? I can’t answer that for anyone but myself. There is something special about them. There is something present that I’ve never seen in other breeds. It’s intoxicating and makes you want to never lose it. I want to share that feeling with all who will listen, and hopefully want to find out for themselves, what it is to be smitten by them.

For if that happens, they will never again be in danger of disappearing from this world. And that is what drives me to see them flourish once again. That is what drives PSK to provide the best Seppalas we can. Dogs rich in pedigree and work ethic. Dogs that can work as hard as they love their families.

To understand a Siberian, one must understand their history. To understand what makes a Seppalas special one must understand their unique history and lines. Those pure working lines they came from, that made them famous in the first place.

So, with that I’m going to start sharing some of that history in news clippings and insights from those who came before. This is what PSK is about. It’s not about making money it’s about the dogs. It’s about a unique heritage that must be preserved.

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