Time is of the Essence

Togo and Leonhard Seppala. Two legends of the Siberian Husky history. Photo courtesy of Deb Serbousek.

If you knew the history of the Siberian people as well as I do, you would know that the battle is never won. There are the common Siberians descended from royalty and then there are some of those royalty left.

The royalty class is called the Seppala Siberians. They are the direct blood lines from 1925 when Balto, Togo, Fritz, and a host of others gave their all to save Nome Alaska.

It’s not fiction, it is history and it’s a huge part of the breed called Siberians. It’s not only a marker of what they could accomplish, its a testament to a better life. It’s a legacy of how to live in harmony between two species.

It’s a template of how two different and opposing sides can work together to achieve something wonderful. The stakes are high and it’s called life and death. Life and death scenarios are nothing new to the Siberians, they have dealt with this for thousands of years.

If I have learned anything from them its this, “Keep moving forward, push until you succeed or drop dead. That is the essence of the Siberian husky, once a goal is conceived they will achieve it or die.

That is what made them survive to this day. That is what makes some achieve greatness and others to just live out their lives in the solitude of broken dreams.

Each member of the pack is just as important…to lead or to follow as a team member makes no difference. Each does his part and the synergy of that makes them more than the sum of the individual parts.

It used to be man against nature, now its man against man. We are a combative society full of ourselves and willing to die for our beliefs. We have fallen from the basics of life. We have missed out on the true things that matter in life.

Family, love, and to lend a hand to those who need it. All of these basic lessons are in your own dog at your feet. They need you and you need them. And as much as I hate to admit it, we as humans need each other.

For without compassion, education, and the willingness to reach out to others below us we will surely die out. The Siberians will live on, they have thousands of years of experience we don’t. The storm is about human interaction and its up to us to whether the storm, with common sense, not partisan bullshit.

As a musher you have to pick the trail, you drive the ship in which you ride. You decide the fate of not only yourself but that of those in your team. Their fate depends on your choices.

Don’t be shallow, think about the big picture of life, not your little piece of it.



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