This is about attitude and quality of life. Inspired by my good friend “Z.”

There are many paths to take in our short lives. We live, work, and love until we are called home. Some follow and some lead. Some take to the trails that other’s fear to tread. Some folks are afraid to push their limits for fear of injury and death. That is what separates us all, what is, and what could be, and what is left behind with regrets until we die.

Some are suppressed by others, and accept that path based on fear of many things. My parents never wanted me to race motocross, they never wanted me to fly planes, they never wanted me to do anything that endangered my life. I understand that came out of love. But there is the calling in me to do more than what anyone else believed was safe or possible for me.

I was not about to be put into a box that said “This is what you can do, and what you can’t.” If you tell me I can’t do something I will do my best to prove you wrong. That is what is inside me, that is what drives me to achieve whatever goal I have set.

Negative comments only fuel the fire to prove the nay-sayers wrong. That to me is the same spirit that made those before us leave their homelands and come to America. It’s what carved out a new land and new possibilities.

This free spirit is inside me, and it’s in you as well to some degree. It’s guided me to new adventures all through my life. Regardless of the inherent risk, I heard that call and I answered it. Not foolishly, but with respect. The gauntlet was in front of me and I picked it up. I slowly increased what I was capable of by small increments of success, and along with that comes failure as well, for failures are how we learn to succeed.

Too me It’s better to die doing something you love, than to die with the regrets of never having tried or done what your heart told you.

Does this mean I want everyone to go out and kill themselves doing dangerous things? Of course not, but I want you to think about possibilities. What is your limit? I know what mine are, and it was learned from trying things everyone said I was not capable of. You learn and grow and that to me is what life is about.

If you don’t expect anything from anyone…you will never be disappointed except with yourself. You will learn to be self reliant and take your lumps when you fail, but again it’s all on you and not someone else. You control your own fate not someone else, and that is satisfying in it’s own way.

You squeeze out every bit of what you were given in this life. You dream, and you take calculated risk that make those dreams maybe come true. Nothing is guaranteed, but how do you know unless you try?  Or maybe… you do nothing more because you are comfortable with the status quo.

Follow your heart and your dreams no matter what anyone else tells you. For in that you will achieve satisfaction in life. Other’s should not try to live your life for you. We each have a trail made just for us. It is ours to follow or not, that is free will.

Courage comes from following your own path in life, and with that comes happiness and heartbreak…but you did it your way. In essence that is the spirit inside each and every husky I’ve known.

They might not have everything they want out of their lives, but they certainly try… no matter what. They follow their hearts, and if you are lucky enough to find a partner that matches up with your dreams… you will both go further than you thought possible.

Nothing good comes easy, and when it does you’ll know you earned it. And your victory whatever it might be, will be that much sweeter.











2 Comments on “Dreams

  1. Thanks for a good read! I’ve been into extreme and adventure sports for most of my life, but after getting a family I have (somewhat) settled down. After a while, though, I started getting anxious, and I could not figure out why. I was just pissed off at… well, something.

    Some time ago I ended up reading Carl Jung and came across the concept of “death of the hero”. I hadn’t really ever considered myself as a hero – an actual or wanna-be – but something about it made me think.

    Jung thinks that most guys have a secret hope for a hero’s death. And maybe I had too. And by settling down I had, in effect, killed that hero-to-be, and that was why I was angry. That’s the theory of it, anyway. I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that A) I cannot have all the adventures I maybe cold have had, and B) that does not mean that I cannot have any adventures.

    I don’t know if this relates to you, or not… actually, I am not sure if I can even really make sense of it myself, but in any way, this came to my mind after reading your post.

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    • I have to admit I’ve never thought of that. I push to do new things and really don’t want to die doing them. My good friend once told me. “If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space.” My idea is to live on the edge but not die if I can help it. Thanks for reading!

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