Life Lessons from a Dog

I would not normally post something this powerful and emotionally gut wrenching. But these are indeed sad times. Life is becoming cheap and it is somehow in vogue to go shoot up a mall or drive over the innocent in the name of some misguided fanatical religion or belief.

Hate is becoming commonplace and compromise has been long forgotten. Animals have not lost their ability or morals. They know what is morally right and they act on it. Not swayed by politics or drugs, or self-entitlement.

These two homeless beings only met when they were out on their own. Their pact with each other was to survive and live. When one lost the race with modern technology the other did not walk away thinking about themselves. He or She thought about the loss of a precious life. A life that may not mattered to anyone else…but it mattered to this dog.

Watch at 1:45 if you can bear to stand it. Learn what it means to be compassionate and appreciative of a life lived and lost.

2 Comments on “Life Lessons from a Dog

  1. That is so sad, but what I really want to know is who filmed it and why didn’t they help. Maybe it was too late, but it still seems like, well, just awful, to see that suffering and not do anything.


    • That’s why I said nobody in the video did a damn thing. The lesson is still a good one even if some loser filmed it. Dogs have higher morals than humans.


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