Should I Get a Dog?


Should I Get a Dog?

I think this is a question that everyone asks themselves at some point in their life. The answer is complicated and takes some real thought.

Should I buy a Camaro or Corvette? Should I buy a new house and move to Mankato? Maybe an Harley Electro-glide to be full of chrome and parked in the garage except on Sunday when the sun is out.

The answer is as simple as asking yourself if you should get married, or have children, or adopt.

The difference between owning and inanimate object and a live being is like night and day. The laws still say we “Own” dogs. But how can we think that slavery was wrong and continue to accept this? Should any living being actually be “Owned” by another?

To me having a dog join the family is the same as having a new child, adopted or natural. They are family and for good or bad that is for the life of you both. You should look at it the same way, before you commit.

  1. You should be somewhat stable, meaning that you are not wondering where your next meal is coming from or how long you can stay on your friend’s couch.
  2. You should be committed to protect and provide medical care just like you would your own child. Dogs need us to care for their needs, you can’t put off vaccines or health care because you have a party on the beach. You must be willing to give up your own possible needs to provide for them (For they have no one else but you.)
  3. You should be willing to home school. You are responsible to train this dog to be a productive member of our culture just as you would a child.
  4. Nothing else matters once you get that new adopted child (Dog.) They have become dependent on you to raise and keep them safe as any adopted child would be.

And if this seems a bit much to you…you really are not ready to have a dog, or a child, or a spouse.

Give yourself time to learn about life, experience the ups and downs so you can relate. Get stable in your own life, learn the lessons well before you are in charge of another life that totally relies on you for everything.

A dog will never fault you even if you deserve it. They have undying love and understanding we cannot hope to reproduce. This is the Great Divine’s gift to us from the animal world.

So, if you want a dog, be ready to mold your life around what they need. You will change your life just like you would with a new baby. To do less makes you at fault.

In return you will reap the rewards as well. Unlike a teen, dogs are not affected by higher intelligence and hormonal outburst, and all that other stuff. They are stable, they don’t need much, but they need to know they can count on you.

If you meet those requirements I’d say go out and find your new family member. Listen to the they way they look, hear the way they walk, and love them for who they are, not what you expected them to be.


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