The Road Less Traveled:

A different world exist for a few. A world that is reminiscent of our ancestors. Dogs and Men (Now women as well) who find themselves drawn to something from the past, unknown by many but not ever lost. For it is in the DNA of their fathers and mothers. Passed down from generation to generation. Those brave souls who forged nations regardless of the dangers. That spirit awakening once again in to some.  They hear the call and they answer it. They seek adventures and with that they accept the risk.

Partnered with these amazing animals that they share the bonds of love, and teamwork with. They head out to test themselves, and willingly face any obstacle put on the trail before them. They test themselves and their dogs against all nature can present. Winning or losing a race is not as important as the journey. A journey filled with trials and tribulations, but success comes from having done it with those that made it possible.

The dogs of the North.

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