The Song of the North:

Dogs of the North have up to 27% of wolf DNA in them. You wonder why they howl…this is why. They are also in perfect harmony.

Spirits in the Sky:

They hear a voice from deep inside,
when those speak, they must abide.
They whisper tales of long ago,
when huskies thrived in ice and snow.

Lonely nights without much food,
they gladly gave their servitude.
Adventures waiting each new day,
man and dogs, with just a sleigh.

Traveling without any fears,
all across those great frontiers.
And when their time came to pass,
the rainbow bridge they did advance.

When pointing snouts to the sky,
they’re calling out to those on high.
They sing a song for those above,
brother spirits they are thinking of.

Someday they will join that pack,
and knowing they will not come back.
Today might be their very last,
living large before its past.

They howl their tales of life on earth,
how far they’ve come since birth.
That’s when you’ll hear that soulful cry,
to the husky spirits in the sky.

TJ 2018

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