Mother Husky:

I’ll have you know how huskies go, I’m the future of my clan.
I’m the Queen of this pack, I don’t look back, my name is Ann.
Like my mother before me, I’ve learned I must be strong.
If I fail my task at hand, we will lose the husky song.

No one will ever own me, but my love I’m willing to share.
But it will be only given to those who show they care.
Miles and miles upon my legs, as we traveled way up North.
Guiding men through frozen lands a going back and forth.

I’d fight the Grizzly, or a trail of ice, I never will back down.
I pick my mate carefully before my pups are on the ground.
Big and strong he must be, to give my pups a chance.
For only the toughest can survive our frozen dance.

I’m the matriarch, the leader of this pack with sleigh.
Strong of body, mind, and heart…that is the husky way.
Some will lead, some will fail, and be left upon the trail.
Until that time this mother’s love will never fail.

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