There Was A Time:

There was a time not so long ago,
when Northern dogs ruled the snow.
Before man invented the snowmobile,
they relied on dogs with hearts of steel.

For in those lands full of frozen drifts,
when life and death can suddenly shift.
Dogs born under the northern lights,
their lives they would surely sacrifice.

Without a care for the ore of gold,
or the riches it could bring the bold.
These dogs ran for the love of man,
for he was the leader of their clan.

A pat on the head, a bit of meat,
maybe some beans for a treat.
Together they opened a vast frontier,
never thinking they might disappear.

They bide their time, like days gone past,
soon the winter will come and last.
Men will need them like in the past,
need their hearts and love steadfast.

So, love your dogs and hold them near,
together you’ll face the final frontier.
There was a time not so long ago,
when these dogs ruled the snow.

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