The Problem with Animal Rights Activist:

I think a lot about my dogs and yours too. I’m partial to sled dogs but I’ve owned and bred many different breeds. GSD’s are probably my second choice to Huskies because I started with them and learned how to train them to be police dogs. But comfort dogs that spend their whole lives with humans are also not forgotten by me. They provide a service just as important as the working breeds. They all have jobs of one kind or another, for work and a purpose in life is important to all living things.

The GSD’s have that built in protection gene, the need to guard something or defend something. Sled dogs have the built-in genes to pull and run for adventures that lie around the next bend in the trail. Both are fearless when it comes to doing what they do. They don’t think about it, they do it. It’s what they are.

There are so many different breeds of dogs and that fits perfectly with so many types of humans. Finding your match is what it’s all about. Grandma doesn’t need a high powered sled dog any more than I need a Yorkshire terrier to boss me around the house.

But I will tell you that when you find that match to your own persona it makes dog ownership something really special. To say that dogs should run free is akin to stupidity. They would not survive without us. Thousands of years of this partnership has been ingrained into them, they have long lost the ability to survive on their own. We have changed them into what they now are, and it’s our responsibility to honor those changes.

We need them as much as they need us. That is not going to change now because some people think that is what is best for them. Dogs are animals, not humans, to humanize them is the wrong perspective. It is, in fact, detrimental to both the human and the dog.

Breeding dogs: The difference between responsible breeding and puppy mills is easy. Responsible breeders breed dogs that they believe in. It’s not about making money, you only hope to make enough to continue to produce the best puppies that represent the breed that you can.

The responsible breeder has hope, that the next litter will produce a Grand Champion, Iditarod winning Lead dog or a service dog that will lead the blind. When you see those puppies born they are the future of the breed. You have hopeful expectations that they will become what you dream for them. Just as if they are your own children you want them to have happy fulfilled lives.

Puppy mills are about money and only money. The dogs are property and only property. These people do the minimum of care and only if it will produce profits.

The puppies have expectations of us as well.

Will my human be a good owner, or starve and beat me? Will I go to dog college or be chained and forgotten. I’ve seen this look in puppies eyes before. The look of hope and trust that I will help them to become the best that they can be. Unless you have no soul you cannot ignore that look on the face of newborn life.

Bringing dogs into the world comes with a responsibility you must assume. You must do everything in your power to give them the best life you can. Expectations are high for both dogs and the responsible breeder.

Police dogs get killed doing what they were made for, and that is to save lives much like the officer’s that partner with them. Sled dogs die as well, doing a job that they love. Service dogs help and give life to others that have lost all hope.

This is what dogs give to us in just a few of the many ways. All they want in return is to have a good life doing what they were bred for. They have enough problems without activist making them worse.

If you want to humanize dogs then do it fairly. To stop a Greyhound from racing, or to stop a GSD from guarding, or to stop a sled dog from racing, or to stop a Lab from leading the blind is the same as denying your own child college, food and shelter, medical care, and stopping them from having a happy and fulfilled life that matters.

That is what is wrong with Animal rights activist. They choose to deny these animals what they want and need, in order to fulfill some void in their own miserable lives at the expense of others. Nothing matters to them but “Them.” They really don’t care about the dogs. Dogs are just the medium they chose to make them feel better, regardless if it actually does more damage to them.

This is the world we live in now. People are gunned down at random, so what chance do the animals have? Not much except for us, the ones who haven’t lost our minds to reality TV and Celebrity BS.

We are the real Animal Rights protectors. We are the protectors of the breeds we love so much.

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  1. Todd, You are getting better all the time. This last post is exceptional! MY SON , THE WRITER. Love, Mom

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