A Dogs Purpose:

Now I’m not much of a churchgoer. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe, it means I don’t believe in manmade temples built on the potential profits sheared from the flock. I believe in what is real to me, what is proven to me.

And what has been proven to me is the love of a dog or dogs as the case might be is real. They have a purpose in their short lives, and that singular purpose in life is to love us.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought:

“Damn, I’m old!”
“My hair fell out!”
“I have more wrinkles”
“I’m overweight”
“I’m poor”
“I’m dumb compared to most”
“My life sucks!”

When that happens all you need to do is look at your dog. They don’t see or think that. What they see is you as the love and the purpose of their life. They see your heart, and that is all that matters to them.

That’s what they give us.

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