Z litter update

One week old and growing faster than weeds. Almost 3 lbs. already. When you look at these puppies you think how cute they are. No denying that, but with only 300 hundred of Seppala Siberians left that I know of, these six new lives mean so much more. They are the future of the breed, they will be the next link in the unbroken chain that reaches back to the very beginning with a guy Named Leonhard Seppala. Yes, the famous man that ran the 1925 Serum run to Nome. The legend will continue a bit longer with these pups.

Mother Bonk and 5 pups.
Number 6 was too full to make the group photo but she is well.

3 Comments on “Z litter update

  1. These are amazing! Congrats. I so wish I lived closer to you because I would buy raise one in a heartbeat (that is if you are selling!)


    • A few are for sale but only to those willing to work them like sled dogs. Either dry land or snow. Performance is very important and these dogs need to work as that is their claim to fame. Thanks for your comment.

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      • Lord I know exactly what you mean with the exercising. Mine has to get out to run even in the ridiculous heat. I’m sure she’d prefer the snow but you wouldn’t know it.


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