All that’s lost:

My analogy begins with the picture of the Siberian Husky. Pure and simple in their ways of the world. I pick them because I know them best. But they are no different than your own dog no matter what his breed is.

All dogs share a common trait, which is loyalty and love of man. You cannot deny that if you’ve ever owned a dog. We don’t deserve them, for we are pretty much an evil and vile race of beings. Always thinking of ourselves before others. Few of us reach down to help others climb higher. We are civilized or so we think, but are we really?

Greed, the quest for power, and a never-ending drive to rise above others is our way. We step on those below us and laugh it off as if it were a joke. Life is not a joke, not to those who struggle in a world full of hatred and miss trust.

No longer is there hope for those with less. We put them on an island of hopelessness because of our own drive to be better than everyone else. We’ve lost our basic humanity that must be in place to sustain our race.

In the end, no one will win. We will go down fighting each other for the last scrap of land or food. We will die wondering what we did to deserve God’s retribution. It’s pretty simple really, we earned it by our lust for just about everything. Our curse is our need to have more than our neighbor and call them losers if we outclass them.

We hate those that have more than us with murder in our hearts. We are an evil race; we’ve taken things we wanted with no remorse for those who fell before our might. We’ve ruined the very land that allows us to survive. We’ve taken more than our share and laughed about how we won!

Now you can argue your gun control and your presidential candidates but what does that serve. Does it help those in desperate need? Did you offer your hand to help someone up? Did you give your best friend help when they needed it? Or did you ignore your phone because you were busy with whatever?

You see that is the problem, we think of ourselves before others and that is wrong. I’m not saying I’m a saint by any means, but I have the wisdom of age. I recognize my faults and I try to correct them and help others when I can.

I can’t save the world by myself, but it’s a start. Maybe it’s too late, and even all of us cannot save ourselves from what we’ve created. But maybe if we try we can make a difference.

I grew up shooting guns, killing defenseless animals, and having a grand old time. But wisdom comes from the strangest places and in its own time. My enlightenment came from the simplest creature, a Husky and a mere dog to most people.

Pure in spirit and purpose, they are not burdened with higher intelligence. Dogs have few needs, food, shelter, and love. In return, they give everything they have to those that they love. As a race of higher intelligent beings, we should look at them and learn as I have.

It’s not too late to get back what we’ve lost. But soon it will be too late, and then we will disappear from this earth. Maybe it’s best if we do and leave this planet to those who deserve it.

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