Why I paint seld dogs

The dogs of winter are ancient beings compared to us. They were pulling sleds when the great pyramids were being built. The Siberian is one of the oldest breeds, and for all the time that has past, they remain true to what they are. Nothing has changed the spirit inside each and every one of these dogs. From the great serum run of 1925 to now, they are willing to serve mankind.

It was a bond made long ago so that both man and dogs could survive. The bones of their ancestors lay on trails unknown from Siberia to Alaska. They opened that great land of Alaska and thrived where others would perish. The frozen North is where they came from. Harsh, unforgiving lands that only the strongest would survive. The love for snow and ice is in their DNA. It’s what they thrive on, and if you live with them they will show you the way. It’s not easy to live with them, until you understand and accept them for what they are. They accept us, but won’t take any crap either. Much like being married, it takes time to become a team. A team that can survive all the hardships life can throw at you. It’s synergy at its best. Where the sum of the parts exceeds the individual.

So why do I paint sled dogs? To celebrate what they are and what I wish I could be. I may never achieve what they do naturally, but I learn from them, and pay homage to their magnificence. I’m so proud that they are willing to spend their short lives with me. Teaching me how to be a better being on this earth. That’s why I paint them. I give my dogs the best life I can. And they don’t mind if its not perfect, for they are used to hardships when they happen. It’s a team, and we get through life together. That is the mind of the Siberian Husky as I have come to know them. Its a life well lived, and should be a model for all to aspire to.

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