Embrace the Fur

Embrace the Fur:

Huskies have so many fine qualities. Like escaping through fences that Houdini would say were escape-proof and impossible, digging holes in the yard that would make a Marine jealous, eating holes through your walls just to prove they can’t be contained if they set their mind to it. They truly have their own way about them. It takes a few years to get in tune with how they think, and what they need to be good citizens.

Pulling comes naturally, thousands of years of DNA encoded memories make that child’s play. Hook a husky to something and they will pull it over, down, and doing it at warp speed. It’s the nature of them. The only thing I find a bit hard to deal with is the fur. Huskies shed or “blow their coats” at least once a year, sometimes twice. Now, this explosion of fur not only makes birds looking for nesting material happy but coats you with it.

If your dogs live in the house you live with fur. It becomes almost second nature as dust on your favorite knick-knacks. Only it comes in amounts huge enough to build new dogs just from the fur.Fur that can make them comfortable at -30 degrees F will all of a sudden decide to fall out. I often wonder why? It’s good fur, why did you fall out now? Save yourself for winter! But the fur has a mind of its own. It will come out and you will ruin many vacuum cleaners searching for the one that can take the load.

The only good part of this is if you are a good pack leader you groom them. Yes, it is a pain but I found it both soothing for me and my dogs. It’s a bonding thing about grooming your dogs. Mine love it, like getting to go to the spa and beauty salon. I find I like it too because it brings us closer together. With no words spoken the strokes of the comb work magic. It’s the act of showing them how much you love them. They return that love with their eyes and body language. It is one of the ways to become one with your pack.

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