I’m back

I have to admit It’s been a long time since I made a post. So many things going on and not enough time to do them all. Summer for sled dogs is downtime. Too hot for much excitement from them, they just try to survive until the cold comes again. The cold is where they shine. 0 or less is when the husky is comfortable. His/her inner sled dog comes out in untold energy that demands release.

I’ve been working on book number 6, and of course, painting dogs and mushers. COVID is a pain in the ass for us all. People rioting, burning cities, and just plain being stupid. When crap like this happens I’m grounded by one or more simple truths. The heart of the dog is forgiving. They lead by example but humans seem to be unable to grasp it. They don’t complain about what life they were given, they do their best to get the most out of it. Why? because you only get one chance. You roll with the cards you were dealt and either you work with that, or you fold your hand and disappear.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? Yes it is and that is life. It could be worse, you might be a puppy given to a family that is deranged. Dogs don’t have any choice, they deal with what life gives them. But they do their best without complaint. That is the difference between dogs and humans. We complain about everything. Try being a dog subject to no control over your life. Then tell me how horrible your life is. Be thankful for what you have.

Since I’ve been painting, here is a couple of new ones.

Mitch Seavey and Pilot.

Unknown but I love the motion.

The moral of my post is, “keep positive in this new world of negative. Create, burning a city doesn’t help anyone.”

Peace my friends! I wish you well, and get a dog. They are the essence of a bible in flesh and blood. You only have to accept them as living thinking beings, not property. Study them and learn the lessons they have to teach.


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