Fire Lake

There are so many stories of the Siberian Husky. Most are not about famous mushers running races, but the tales about men and dogs, that no one has ever heard about. This poem is about one of those stories. A tale of the bond and how it molded these beasts to become what they are today. And why they are revered by those that push the boundaries of what is possible. And it’s not just Siberians. It’s all of the Dogs of Winter.

Those souls who were forged in snow and Ice. The bond between men and dogs, that relied on each other to survive. The shaping of an everlasting bond between them. And it was passed on to the future generations of amazing dogs. It’s my belief that these dogs have DNA memory. They are born with it. The knowledge passed down to each and every one of them. It’s there waiting for you to discover it. You only have to look into those blue eyes and find the past.

Fire Lake:

Not many knew the name so well,it was shaped like a ship’s bell.
Fire Lake you’ll never find,living there was never kind.
Nestled in the glaciers view,down below those icy pews.
Named for the fire of man’s desires,dreams of riches and golden spires.

Ali was born unto that clan, a clan made up of dogs and man.
A life of toil and trouble ahead, but that is why she was bred.
Gold mines had come and passed, love was lost at such a cost.

To work and struggle was her fate, as she was lifted and saw Nate.
A pup she was… and subject too, this human that she was destined to.
Her coat the color of Raven black, brown eyes shining above her snout.
He said, hello my little one, I’ll always love you until I’m done.

She had no idea what he meant, but she felt his love inside that tent.
Ali grew into her new life, a world of danger and strife.
But through it all Nate never failed, his love for her never paled.
For ten years she led that sled, at night she rested by his bed.

She could sense his love at night, together under those Northern lights.
And when he fell through the ice, he cut the line, a final sacrifice.
Hand reaching out as he sank, A tribute to… and maybe thanks.

Heartbroken she watched him go, and then it started to snow.
She led the team across that ice, twelve dogs as quiet as mice.
Maybe it was never meant to be, for her and Nate running free.
For ten years she’d loved that man, and given him everything she can.

Many adventures they had shared, her and that man she’d been paired.
For all those years of his love, she howled her pain to the stars above.
Nothing ventured and nothing gained, Ali thought as she chewed those reins.
Her kin was free to make their way, together across that frozen bay.

He’d loved her, and they would meet, someday again at God’s feet.
But now everything was at stake, they had to survive Old Fire lake.
Alone together the dogs of winter, their love would never splinter,
They were the Dogs of Winter.

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