Mr. Cooper Lee

It’s hard to express how I feel about this guy. He changed my whole world. Mr. Cooper and I had a few battles when he was a puppy. The bottom line is I did not understand his kind. As a breeder of GSD’s this was a new type of dog I had no clue about. Trying to understand him and his “Siberian People” made me delve into the history of his breed. Learn every detail about them, in hopes that I could understand him.

Now 5 years later I’ve written 4 books on Siberians, painted them, and embraced them as amazing living beings that make me wonder what went wrong with us humans. He may not speak one word I understand, but he taught me through his body language, stubbornness, and eyes. Thank you Cooper for opening my own eyes to your magnificent race! I’m a better person thanks to you!

One Comment on “Mr. Cooper Lee

  1. Love seeing you and Cooper again. He is so beautiful! Miss your FB posts, but I always look forward to a picture and some words maybe, about Cooper and Nicky. God Bless and stay well.


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