The perfect dog

On this fine Friday let’s get our minds off politics for a bit. I spent a while watching golden buzzer awards for America’s got Talent. Such mind-boggling talent! In fact, a few brought me to tears but I don’t want that to become common knowledge. It reminded me of watching the Ice Capades as a kid. That’s the only sport that made me cry. Why? The beauty, grace, and amazing athletes doing the impossible for us mere mortals. It struck me right in the heart that I was seeing true professionals. A professional meaning someone who makes the impossible look easy!

It suddenly appeared to me why I love the sled dogs so much. They do the exact same things only with four feet. Poetry in motion, synchronized swimming in a dance of snow, team-work, drive, and the willingness to achieve a goal or die trying. That is a talent of its own. A talent that allowed them to come this far. That is the hearts and soul of sled dogs. Why they put up with us I’ll never know for sure. But, I’m glad they haven’t given up, on us.According to the Smithsonian article, dogs have been pulling sleds for over 10,000 years! That’s 5500 years before the great pyramids were built.

Think about that for a minute, let it soak in and realize we are a race of newbies compared to dogs. They have seen it all, fought the battles, and that is why they have old wise souls, and lessons to teach us.I don’t claim to know any of these breeds but the Siberians. I do however think that the Northern breeds share the same DNA traits. They have the same drive and determination. The resistance of cold, and the joy of not only surviving it but flourishing in the most inhospitable lands on earth.I’ve had a lot of people ask me how you pick a puppy. It’s easy really, pick one that matches the life you have planned for them. You want a couch potato snuggle bunny? Pick the timid pup. You want a leader and a fearless dog? Pick the most fearless and aggressive pup in the bunch. Keep in mind training will be more difficult with such a dog but the rewards will be immense if you like to be on the edge.

In other words, pick one that matches your personality. If you are an adrenaline junky don’t pick a timid dog. Neither one of you will be happy. If you want a stay at home dog don’t pick the fierce one. For you won’t be able to give him/her what they need to be happy. Getting the pick of the litter is kind of funny. Most people pick on looks…pick your puppy on how well they will fit into your lifestyle by personality. It’s easy that way and both of you will be happy.

Don’t buy a mini-van if you need a corvette. Don’t buy a corvette if you are afraid to put the hammer down. The beauty of dogs is that there is a breed for each and every one of us. Designed, built, and bred for almost every personality. There is no perfect breed, however, there is the perfect breed for each and every one of us. You just have to be honest and pick one that matches your lifestyle. No shame in that, and you will both be happy. The joy of dogs is a blessing to all of us. Choose wisely and you will forever be blessed with the best friend you have ever had.

My wife Vanda with Mr. Cooper. Nicknamed Tiny.

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