Ivan Update

21 weeks old. 41.5 lbs. 21″ tall at the withers. Ivan got his first Big Boy collar. Not to mention his trip to the vet to get his last booster shots for Distemper and Lepto. I’m pretty happy he’s gotten over throwing up in my truck from motion sickness, now that he is tall enough to see out the windows. Works for me.

He’s an outcross to reduce COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding.) He’s 3/4 Seppala Siberian lines by blood and pedigree. Yes, those bloodlines leading right back to Leonard Seppala, and the original Togo. The dogs that saved Nome in the great Serum race of 1925. And yes, he is just as much of a pain in the ass. He is just like the original Togo when he was a puppy. Read up on your history if you are interested.

My mission along with my partner in Maine is to preserve this line. It takes time and it takes outcrosses bred back up etc. They are history, and they are amazing dogs. They are what every Siberian Husky in the lower 48 and now they are worldwide. They are legends and were the first of their kind. These dogs are not normal Siberians as you would know them. Who wouldn’t want to preserve that?

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