Where do our dogs come from

Caribou Maine is the answer. Snow Country, and perfect for sled dogs. Most of our pups are sold before they are born. Why is that? Because we health test the dam and sire, and the pups DNA with Emark. Breeding pairs are cleared of genetic defects by Embark DNA testing. Hips, elbows, and eyes are OFA certified.

Puppies go to working homes first if available. Next they go to homes whose owners have the drive, and time to give them the exercise they “NEED!” There are no shortcuts on high-energy dogs. If they don’t get what they need they will eat your house down to the ground. Nobody wants that! These dogs were bred to run and pull a sled or bike, or you. They are not content to be locked in a crate 8 hours a day while you are at work. If you can’t do that, then they are not for you. They are working dogs, and they have to work to be happy.

You can find us on FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/northlanesiberians

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