Sled Dog: Puppy Training

Ivan’s education continues: Dogs training dogs.

This is the third run with the bike. Never mind the two walks that occur every day. You will see he gets distracted by a walker. Next, I trick him by going straight instead of left, and up to our driveway. You can see him pulling hard to make us turn left, but Cooper heard my “straight on” command and we made him go with us. Then in the culdesac, a barking dog distracts them both for a moment. This is the education and the experience gained for the young one. The six-year-old Cooper does the real work. The total distance for this run was one mile, top speed 15.5 Mph. I only do this once in a while as he is still growing. Cooper pulls most of the weight. Somedays Ivan needs to burn off more energy than walks can provide. Oh, and the music is by my old band.

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