Dog Training

The Proper Way to Raise and Train a puppy:

BLUF: That’s military Lingo for “Bottom Line Up Front.”

BLUF: You raise and train them to fit your life, not the lives of others.

Now, you can join a bunch of groups that will tell you how it should be done. That is according to their own experience and does not take into consideration the personality of you, or your dog(s). In other words that information is for the most part useless. That’s like telling someone how to raise their children based on how they did it. There is no one case that fits all scenario.

There are a lot of people out there that think they now everything, about everything. Off leash is okay, biting is okay, and a lot of other topics that they demand you follow their rules. You cannot group all of this into one box. Especially with working dogs, they have their own way and it’s not the same for everyone of them.

It’s okay to seek information, but take it with a grain of salt. You have to find what works for you and your dog(s) and use what works, and throw away what doesn’t. It sounds simple, and it is, if you keep in mind your own goals.

Don’t get caught up into the mindset of people who claim to know it all. Dog ownership and training is about combing two worlds together into one compatible family. That’s what you strive for. That is the goal, the goals of others don’t matter to you or your dog(s). You have to find your own way. It takes trial and error, that is why experience from others can help. But there is no magic bullet to fix all problems.

You have to do that. Don’t be afraid to try.

Like all families, you will make mistakes, you will grow, and you will learn how to deal with each other. You accept the weaknesses, and strengths of each member. And out of that, you make it work. That is dog training that means something. Nobody can teach that, it’s a burden you have to take on and figure out. Not that trainers don’t have knowledge that can help. They do, but it may or not may fit your situation. Nobody can know your dog as well as you.

Learn everything you can about your dog and its breed traits. That is the key to understanding them as much as we can. You build your life around your dog’s needs, but they have to give back and accept your rules as well. You have to achieve a working partnership for all to be happy and productive. Easier said than done. It all starts on day one of bringing that new life to your home. Don’t fail that new life you have accepted. They are counting on you to be the guiding light in their lives. You have the power to make them have a life well-lived. Don’t let them down. They need you more than you need them.

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