Ivan Update

6 days short of being 6 months old. Ivan is now 50 lbs. and 23″ at the shoulder (withers). He can pull as hard as my adult dogs, but they are not from racing or Seppala lines. Even being only 3/4 Seppala, and the progeny of two lead dogs he is miles ahead of my standard Siberians in work ethic. This litter was an outcross to reduce the COI (Coefficient of inbreeding.) He still has a puppy brain but that will change in time. No doubt looking at his gaze, he is smarter than I am. My job is to try and help him become the best he can be. In return, I get a lifelong companion that will not one day decide he doesn’t love me. Dogs don’t have those flaws. Unconditional love. What more could you ask for?

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