Education continues

What’s the difference between a generic purebred Siberian Husky and one from a working/racing kennel? Tons of things to be honest. Ivan is a good eater, a good rester, and a driven puller. All the things that make a competitive sled dog. In today’s video you might see some of those. It was easy to fix his pulling to the left problem. I put him on the right and he did much better. He’s got a name. His name is Ivan. I’m so impressed with him so far as a future sled dog. Once he get’s over the puppy antics he should be a well rounded dog that also lives in the house. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a trained sled dog.

Because he is a young dog I only run him on the bike no more than 1.5 miles and only after several days of rest (Bike.) Every day not on the bike we walk on foot twice a day, 1.5 miles each time. This “Walk” is not like what most people consider to be taking the dog for a walk. Try walking 3 huskies amped up from sleeping all night and it’s cold outside. This “Walk” is more of an aerobic workout with weights. The pulling power of these dogs is incredible and it’s no wonder I’ve lost so much weight and toned up. One more dog added and they would surely drag me down the street. That’s okay, I signed up for this. Huskies are not for normal people who like to relax. There isn’t much “Relax” to them. They have two speeds. Wide-open and sleep.

They demand exercise daily. If you don’t comply they will make you pay many times over. They can’t help it, they were bred to be exactly like this. There only fault is how good looking they are. People buy them on looks and find out there is a nuclear engine under the hood. Sadly, this is why so many end up in shelters. This is why I wrote my first book about them. I wanted those that actually research the breed before they buy to get the real story. The story of my first husky and all the lessons I had to learn. I think I’m a better person for it now. But it wasn’t easy to learn. I made a lot of mistakes but they forgave me, and taught me how we could actually work together as a team. You don’t ever “own” a husky, except in legal terms. If you work hard enough you become a life long partner, but you have to earn it by doing your part. Sitting on the sofa isn’t going to cut it with these dogs.

2 Comments on “Education continues

  1. I love your posts! They are so perfectly accurate. they really make you work for their affection. We are on our 4th husky, with only ever 2 consecutively but each one is unique and right now we have a 4 month old. Every time I read your posts I chuckle out loud at how spot on they are. I’ve always thought each of my huskies should have their own children’s book about their adventures. Thanks for sharing Ivan’s adventures.


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