Your Dog is Not a Baby!

Not my words, and from a post on FaceBook. No truer words were ever spoken as far as I am concerned.


Your Dog is Not a Baby!

Todays culture is absolutely ruining dogs and as behaviourists we are seeing more and more preventable problems appearing not only at our facilities but in the public domain! People are treating their dogs like children, and no matter how much you say it, or what you believe, they are not children. They are dogs… An apex predator with forty two teeth in their head and a bite pressure that can break bones. They deserve to be treated like dogs!

Somehow treating your dog like a dog has become a taboo subject and it’s because of the warped generation that’s flooding the industry. Can’t say no to a dog. Can’t go in cold weather with a dog. Can’t let a dog get muddy. Can’t give a dog a job. Can’t feed a dog raw meat. If your dog is in shape it’s too skinny. We are walking around in a world where giving your dog a job is cruel beyond belief but having a dog 30kg overweight with diabetes is absolutely fine.

It’s warped and twisted and wrong. They are dogs! Treat them as dogs. You cannot take any animal on this earth and pretend that it’s a baby. Oh hello, this is my whale, he is my baby. It doesn’t work like that, and if you respect the dog, it doesn’t work with them either. We have to push back on this mentality because it is literally killing dogs.

Dogs are being euthanized every day purely because nobody taught them what rules they were supposed to follow, or because they weren’t given a job they so desperately needed. Let’s start honoring our dogs for the absolutely amazing creatures they are. Dogs are magnificent, majestic, intelligent, robust. For me, they are the best animal on the planet so let’s stop killing them and treat them for exactly what they are. Honor your dog.


Animals are not humans. That is plain and simple. Understand the difference between them.

2 Comments on “Your Dog is Not a Baby!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this post! Thank you for sharing the truth about “fur babies” (I hate that term!). I love my dogs, but they are definitely not children. We give our huskies a job to do (mushing) and they definitely would rather do that than ride around in a stroller with a pacifier. 🙂


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