Keep them working

Hat’s off to the Iron Paws virtual racing. It’s a very positive way to get people and dogs away from the T.V. It’s a way to give working dogs a job. A way for us owners to build a bond with these amazing dogs, that doesn’t just involve a food bowl. It’s more than just taking your dog out of the back yard to show company. If that’s all you do, I hope your dog pee’s on their legs! It covers every area of dog sports. You should check it out at the link below. Pure genius!


Looks like my Kennel partner in Maine… Hannah Lucas is on her way to her second consecutive Iron Paws win in the 6-dog sled class. She’s built up a considerable milage gap from second place. With only 2 stages out of 8 remaining. It would be hard to catch her and the 6-dog Seppala team. Ivan’s mom and dad are the lead dogs. No wonder he’s crazy to run! Good luck!

Current Standings

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