Run #27

It seems like this team is becoming creatures of the night. Running at night, although nerve-wracking, for those who have never done it before. Running at night does have benefits. The benefits in the urban environment are the lack of “People.”

I don’t mind people walking, but I do mind when they think “Fluffy” should come with them unleashed. This truly is a recipe for disaster. This comes from believing that your dog is a human child. “They deserve to be free!” is the call to arms. Really? It’s actually the call to having your free-running dog killed by being run-over, attacking a greater force of dog breed, or just plain running off into the great unknown.

Okay so you think it’s okay for that. You might want to consider your own hide in this endeavor. Causing a car accident, biting a child or anyone will take you straight to court. You are liable for what your dog does. Just the same as you are liable for your own children’s actions. Dogs are not people, they are dogs and will always be dogs no matter what you think or hope.

You will always be the leader, and with leadership comes responsibility for not only your actions but those under you. Meaning your dog(s.) So, the bottom line is don’t be a dumb ass. If you can’t handle the responsibility of leadership and dog ownership, then you should probably switch to something more sublime like a “Fish Tank.”

Harsh words you say! Absolutely they are and it’s for a reason. I don’t pay vet bills for people’s stupid “Ideals.” My dogs are my life and if you threaten that then you are threatening me. You want “Fluffy” to run free then don’t cry when she attacks a pack of working dogs and gets a permanent lesson in how the “Dog Kingdom” works. Use a leash, it’s the law in most places and it’s done for a reason. To protect both dogs and people. Why? Because dogs will be dogs. That’s what they do! Be a good leader for your dog. They depend on you to keep them safe. Letting them run free is not doing that.

I’m out there with my dogs running at night or any other time. I share the risk with them, I don’t turn them lose to do whatever.

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