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Lot’s of people get a Siberian and suddenly complain about having holes dug in the yard. That is what you get when you buy on looks and don’t do your research of the proposed breed you want. Huskies dig, they dig a lot. If you think you are suddenly going to stop this tendancy that was introduced thousands of years ago you would be mistaken.

As in all dog behavior a lot of answers come from studying the breed…historically. Many answers I found came from learning everything I could about these dogs. Do I know it all? I laugh upon you if you think that! I know enough to tell you what I have learned, but it’s far from everything Siberian.

The need to dig and the high prey drive came from one simple fact. The Chukchi of Siberia had a partnership with these sled dogs. In winter they pulled sleds, and were fed and cared for in return payment. During the short summers these same dogs were turned loose to fend for themselves until winter returned. You might imagine being laid off from work and you need to eat.

Not a problem for the Husky. They hunted anything smaller than them, and they dug for grubs and whatever morsels of food that would sustain them. Hence the trait to hunt and dig. It’s ingrained in their DNA whether they are fed or not. They can’t help it anymore than you can stop trying to itch that spot in the middle of your back. It is encoded into their DNA over thousands of years.

If you want a perfect yard, you don’t want these furry excavators. They can dig holes that would make a badger jealous. As in all of us, each dog is an individual and the amount of these traits varies. Mine do well with our cats in the house but they grew up with them. Outside is another story I’m not willing to test. Based on the many incursions by raccoons and squirrels that barely escaped, I would not trust them to leave my cats alone outside.

If it’s smaller, and moving it becomes prey. If they have a yard with dirt they will dig. Knowing why, makes me accept that. A small price to pay for them accepting my own faults they don’t understand. I’ve always said the relationship is a partnership. Both sides have to give and take. Sort of like being married isn’t it?

The bottom line is “Synergy.” The sum of the parts is greater than any individual part. That’s a team!

One Comment on “Husky stuff

  1. Our are some of the most amazing mole hunters I’ve seen…but watch your ankles because the entire mole trail is excavated, across the whole yard.


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