It was a dark and stormy night (Cooper and Ivan Run.)

Last night was not much different than any other one except for the “Rain.” Ivan is acclimated to the night runs. When the sun goes down after his supper, he is ready to run. Me not so much, especially when it’s raining.

Using the recumbent bike does have some disadvantages and that is two wheels next to you with no fenders. This creates water spraying all over you especially at speeds exceeding 19mph. I just hold on and hope they see what I can’t. Disc brakes are cool but skinny tires don’t do much on wet pavement.

Do you know what “Drifting” means? Well, Cooper and Ivan together can make my 3-wheeler drift without any problems. We met a couple on the run-walking their dog. Their dog was well behaved and had the good sense not to bark at the flying Dutchman Husky mobile. They huddled down in the ditch and let us nut jobs go by. Even so, Cooper and Ivan thought it would be fun to say hello. I hit the brakes as they did a 180-degree turn.

The sensation of sliding sideways on wet pavement is similar to being on an inner tube behind a boat! We ended up behind them, instead of passing them. I really need to work on the “On-Bye” commands a bit more. No harm was done, and we got back on track to turn in the best time so far. I didn’t see much of it, but we clocked a good fast run.

Maybe I’ll get a scuba mask and snorkel for next time. Ivan can trot at 9.5 mph. I’m so impressed with his abilities. I just need to get more in control of him. The work never stops unless you have a death wish. After 20 years of motocross, I’m pretty used to this kind of thing. It still amazes me how silent and fast they are. No screaming motors, just acceleration. The throttle is how much control you have over them with training and voice commands. It takes work, and nerves of steel to run with these clowns.. lol. Great dogs and they always keep it exciting!

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