Big Boys Team Run 4/18/21:

2.53 miles in 18:40 minutes. My boys, Mr. Cooper Lee, Left (6 years), Northlane’s Poison Ivy (Ivan), right (9 months). Both weigh around 60lbs; 24-25” tall at the withers. This was a daylight run which means there were lots of distractions out. It was good training for Ivan to learn to ignore them. He didn’t, but having them become commonplace is the point. Eventually, he’ll learn to ignore all of this. He has to be exposed to it first, in order to do that. Music by Deep Purple: “Highway Star,” because that’s what these guys are to me.

2 Comments on “Big Boys Team Run 4/18/21:

  1. Wow, you live in a beautiful area! If that’s all private property that I saw, your lots are huge. We live on 8K sq ft and it’s one of the larger ones in the neighborhood. I lust after property like yours. Even so, we manage to keep our two huskies happy and, like you, we have a fence they can see through. They walk the entire neighborhood so aren’t curious about what’s out there and, we often take them in the car, sometimes out to eat with us, so they get plenty of stimulation.


    • Thanks, everyone has at least 1 acre of land. Some folks have 2-5 acres. I’m on the low end with one acre. It is nice considering how congested the East Coast is.


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